The Ontario North Green Economy Network (ONGEN) supports development of a pan-regional green economy by cooridinating research, support services and industries. ONGEN's target is to create new economic opportunity through production of green energy, chemicals and natural health compounds.


The most effective way to generate a green economy is to identify unique regional resources, as well as regional and international markets for arising products and expertise. The goals are new avenues for economic development and job creation.


Opportunities: funded by industry and research councils we have a range of collaborative research and development projects and opportunities exist for graduates in engineering and biological sciences at the Master's and PhD level. If you are interested in a position or about the work being conducted, please email Dr. Ashley Scott (jascott@laurentian.ca).

Our work in the news

Global Research Project Awards The team has been shortlisted for the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Research Project Award for their work on Industrial off-gas to support biofuel production - the only research project from Canada to make the shortlist. The project is focused on utilizing waste heat and CO2 from off-gas to provide conditions favorable for growing algae that produce biofuels and other high-value products.

For example, bioprospected algae from Northern Ontario produce high levels of lipids which can be readily turned into biodiesel. This biofuel is of great benefit in underground mine applications, as it burns much cleaner than diesel obtained from fossil fuels. This provides for a better and healthier working environment. The research team is working with Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore Company).