Ongen Senior Research Associate
Project Metallurgist, Sinomine Resource Group Co Ltd., Canada

PhD: School of Engineering, Laurentian University
BEng: Chemical Engineering, Laurentian University
Dip: Railway Engineering, Lanzhou Railway Institute

Research & Development: www.ongen.ca
email: YX_Jiao@laurentian.ca


  • Process Engineer, De Beers, Canada
  • Railway Engineer, Zhengzhou Railway, China

Research Interests

  • Photo oxidation
  • Enhanced UV degradation of toxins to protect drinking water supplies for remote communities and households not connected to municipal water supplies.

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Publications & Presentations

  • Jiao, Y., Shang, H. and Scott, J.A. (2021) A UVC based advanced photooxidation reactor design for remote households and communities not connected to a municipal drinking water system. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 9:3, 105162
  • Jiao, Y., Basiliko, N., Kovala, A.T., Shepherd, J., Shang, H. and Scott, J.A. (2020) TiO2 Based Nanopowder Coatings over Stainless Steel Plates for UV-C Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 98, 728-739
  • Jiao, Y., Kovala, A.T., Shang, H. and Scott, J.A. (2019) A corrugated plate photocatalytic reactor for degradation of waterborne organic contaminants. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 97, 1760-1770
  • Jiao, Y., Kovala, A.T., Shang, H. and Scott, J.A. (2018) A Photocatalytic Reactor for Drinking Water Treatment. 5th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Jiao, Y., Kovala, A.T., Shang, H. and Scott, J.A. (2017) A new UV photocatalyst reactor design for drinking water treatment. The XXIX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering Incorporating the 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference